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Looking for a reliable cloud DICOM solution? PostDICOM is where your search ends. PostDICOM data migration includes smart DICOM data migration service for legacy DICOM data from old PACS to new PACS with RIS, EHR, EMR, HIS and other medical information system demographic/study results. DICOM data transfer preparation and implementation is important to access historical data in current legacy systems.

Keeping the existing database running on a new device interface to access the current data means having two separate PACS with significant costs. But now, the healthcare industry decision makers can opt for data transfer to PostDICOM because it is cost-effective, timely and maintains data integrity.

By moving data from existing sources and providing data quality and reliability, PostDICOM helps to make healthcare simpler. Clinical information from various different legacy systems can be reconciled with the point-of-care system — and made available during migration in real time.

Relevant priors can be taken for appointments the next day, and also for walk-ins, when the data is being transferred. Therefore, essential medical information is instantly unlocked and available – without waiting for a long migration of PACS data. It can coexist with health, scientific, and business goals.

PACS Data Migration services rely on their flexible and efficient technologies for data coercion. PostDICOM engineers have developed morphing dynamic tags and data mapping capabilities that access the internal library of PACS-specific tags during the internal archive modification phase of DICOM. This occurs in near-real time when transmitting DICOM image data acquired on a single device but intended for another.

Migration Of Healthcare DICOM Data Brings Value To The Healthcare Organization

The process of downloading, converting and loading data from one source (the legacy archive) to another source (the destination archive) is called healthcare data migration. This process plays a key role in the continued transformation of healthcare into an industry powered by analytics. Smart managers are poised to take full advantage of emerging technological developments in today's healthcare organizations.

Successful migration of healthcare data ensures reliable, timely, and high-quality results Medical data is indeed the cornerstone for the digital healthcare sector. Clean, accessible data can improve patient care quality through access to reliable, clinically meaningful information.

Use the validated data-cleaning and superior matching software by PostDICOM by using RIS, CVIS, PACS data conversion, EHR / EMR, CPOE or any other computer-driven information system to provide the best medical care available today.

Industry-leading DICOM Technology In Data Migration

PostDICOM offers an groundbreaking experience in DICOM data migration. With its simple to use software, easy to understand pricing and industry leading features, PostDICOM Cloud PACS software is a must have for every futuristic healthcare organization.

DICOM Data Migration Services we offer:

PostDICOM - DICOM Data Migration Services

DICOM data migration solution developed by PostDICOM is able to provide full data integrity. We use validated tools and applications that can manage DICOM data from multiple legacy systems as healthcare organizations are looking for DICOM data migration projects.

DICOM data migration servicse from postDICOM automate migration activities with intelligent software providing PACS data cleaning and comprehensive quality assurance (QA) tool with audit capabilities at any level of the migration process.

Our focus on DICOM data migration reliability and versatility has helped us deliver a fully compliant DICOM and HL7 data migration solution ensuring constant patient treatment through access to reliable and clinically relevant medical information.

DICOM migration from many older systems, and the consolidation of data from numerous dispersed systems that are not interconnected frequently results in inconsistency and data loss. Our DICOM data migration solutions can use real-time data scrubbing and cleaning to monitor and rectify those inconsistencies. By selecting PostDICOM DICOM data migration, you can get an integrated data migration service as your partner, with years of experience in managing efficient migration.

We offer a dynamic DICOM data migration service that is well designed to maintain data consistency and integrity at every migration phase stage, as well as timely implementation for low cost data management in healthcare.

When you have chosen our DICOM data migration, the first step towards accelerated DICOM data migration efforts has already been taken. Vendor neutral approach will ensure safety and integrity of your data.

Using our pre-data migration report for DICOM data migration study, we will create a multi-stage project to monitor the data quality and probably match the rate to assess maximum migration schedule, study range, etc. We will prioritize each phase according to their purpose and other aspects of a well-planned DICOM data migration.

We know that every DICOM data migration has unique challenges that will test our limit and help us find better solutions for any new challenge we may face. We are continually developing our process and data migration to keep us ahead of the competition.

If you're looking for more information about our DICOM data migration services, get in touch with us today!

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